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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle for rent in Dubai.  WAV, car for disabled people, handicapped, people of determination, Dodge Grand Caravan

Welcome to WAV Specialised Transport.  We are an exclusive business; solely providing self-drive wheelchair accessible vehicles for short or long-term rental periods.  The wheelchair user can sit either in the front beside the driver, or in the middle of the vehicle.  We cater for People of Determination, those recovering from surgery or people who are just having trouble getting in and out of a vehicle. We understand how challenging everyday life can be and we are here to help you find the right wheelchair accessible vehicle to provide you with transport freedom.  By renting our cars, you have the freedom to use the car at your discretion, driving your family and friends to locations throughout the UAE at your complete convenience.

Being able to conveniently access transport at will, is a significant contributor to our quality of life and it makes a huge impact on the lives of the wheelchair user, our family and friends.  Wherever you need to go, be it for medical appointments, work, a weekend away, sporting events, shopping or visiting friends, our goal is to give you that freedom and flexibility to get there.  WAV is a more dignified, stylish and cost-effective alternative than taxis or other forms of transport to access independent mobility.

Two wheelchair users can be accomodated.
A rear entry vehicle.
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